What it’s really like to suffer from anxiety

There’s this misconception that anxiety is something that just goes away. That its something that can just be turned off, like a switch. That anxiety is just feeling a little bit nervous, and it can’t hurt you. This is not true.

Anxiety is a crippling feeling of dread and stress twenty-four seven. Anxiety is your heart beating so fast that it s physically painful, your heart beating so fast that it feels like its about to be ripped from your chest.  Anxiety is your chest being squeezed so tight that you feel like you can’t breathe so you’re gasping for air. You feel like you are drowning on dry land. Anxiety is uncontrollable shaking, your throat closing up, your lungs desperate for air. Anxiety is your muscles tensing and freezing, your feet rooted to the spot, unable to move, unable to speak. But sometimes, anxiety is that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach as you go about your day. Sometimes anxiety is bearable, sometimes anxiety is unbearable.

Anxiety is different for everyone, but is just as difficult to live with. Don’t assume that everything is okay. Don’t assume that their anxiety is just a little bit of nervousness, or a bid for attention, or an excuse. Anxiety is valid.

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