5 Tips on how to go vegan!

  1. Do it at whatever pace you feel comfortable with-don’t think that you have to cut it all out overnight. This works for some people, for others, not so much. Start off slow: switch regular milk for almond or soy milk; go meat free a couple of days a week; start using vegan butter rather than dairy butter. Its as easy as that. Do it gradually-this will make things much much easier.
  2.   Look for some vegan recipes that you would like to try. Finding ones that you enjoy eating will make the transition easier. Create a folder with your favourite recipes that you can keep handy for when you have no idea what to cook.
  3. Find alternatives to your favourite non vegan foods. There are alternatives to pretty much everything—you just need to find one that works for you.
  4.  If you make a mistake and eat something non vegan, don’t worry. Don’t let it discourage you, keep going.
  5. Don’t worry about protein. Everyone seems to have an obsession with protein and as soon as you mention that you’re a vegan, they all seem to become dieticians. Just ignore them-plants have protein!

Good luck! xx

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