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8 ways to support someone with a mental illness

Ways the you can support a loved one suffering from mental illness

  1. Be there for me. Even when I’m cancelling plans or not responding to your texts, be there. Try to understand that things are difficult for me, so please don’t give up on me.
  2. Sometimes I don’t want to talk, so please don’t try to force me.
  3. Sometimes I just need a hug, or someone to rant to, so let me.
  4. Sometimes I don’t want to have deep conversations about my illness, I just want to have lighthearted chats or have a laugh.
  5. Try to learn more about my illness. Try to understand more. This can mean so much that you have taken the time to understand me.
  6. Ask me how I am. Sometimes, this can mean I great deal to know that you care.
  7. Don’t try to fix me. I’m still the person I was before my diagnosis. I haven’t changed. I’m still me.
  8. Accept me for who I am, mental illness and all.

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