Eating Disorders, Mental Health

4 things I wish people understood about eating disorders

Eating disorders are not a choice. No one wakes up one day and thinks ‘Im going to be loathe myself and be miserable’. No one chooses to suffer like this. No one chooses to have an eating disorder.

Eating disorders aren’t just ‘a teenage girl thing’. Sure, they are most common is teenage girls, but eating disorders aren’t picky. They can affect anyone, of any age, gender,background or ethnicity.

Not everyone with an eating disorder is skinny. Just because I’m not stick thin doesn’t mean I’m recovered. It doesn’t mean I’m not suffering with distressing and painful thoughts and it doesn’t mean I’m not struggling to eat even a mouthful. Starvation is the end result of an eating disorder, not the disorder itself. Your weight doesn’t measure your suffering.

I can’t ‘just eat’, so don’t tell me to. Eating disorders control your thoughts-just thinking about eating that fear food is the scariest thing in the world. Your chest tightens painfully and your throat closes up. You can’t breathe, and your heart is pounding so fast that it physically hurts. You can’t ‘just eat’.


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