Anxiety, Mental Health

My internal monologue during a panic attack

Oh my god its happening again. I can’t breathe. My chest hurts. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. Im going to die. Oh my god, Im going to have a heart attack, my heart’s beating so fast. I’m so hot. Its so hot in here, my heads is going all dizzy. Im going to pass out. I can’t see, my vision is all blurry, I’m going to pass out, I’m definitely going to pass out. Im going to pass out and everyones going to see and laugh at me. The room is spinning, Im definitely going to pass out, this is too much. No, no, I’m not going to pass out I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I cant breathe and my hearts going to give in. Its beating so fast, this is not normal. This is definitely not normal. Im going to die, I’m so going to die. Maybe thats a good thing, maybe I should die. Im so useless. Everyone is looking at me, they think Im crazy. Maybe I am crazy. Yes, I’m definitely crazy. I’m going to die. My chest hurts so much. Breathe. Just breathe. Breathe. No, no, no, I can’t breathe, Im going to die. My stomach hurts, I’m going to be sick. Im going to pass out and choke on my own vomit and I’m going to die. Maybe I should die. I wish I’d hurry up and die already. I can’t cope with this, it hurts too much. It won’t stop. Why won’t it stop?┬áBreathe. Just breathe. Its fine. everything is fine. I’ll be fine. Its stopping now. Its stopping. Its fine. Its fine. Its fine.

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